10 sports to practice in summer in the mountains

With ideal temperatures, with a wide range of activities, there are many possibilities of leisure in the mountains to spend an exceptional summer vacation. The mountains are undoubtedly a huge playground for both adults and children. So there is no risk of getting bored for nature lovers, thrill seekers and sports enthusiasts. Among these sports, 10 are very well known.

Hiking and climbing

To begin with, hiking is the most practiced of all. It is the fact of exploring the mountains simply by walking, to discover the beaten tracks in the heart of a fauna and flora well safeguarded. Then, the steep landscapes allow to practice mountain sports in summer like climbing. Putting yourself to the test and climbing among the rocks can be an unforgettable experience. In addition, there is what is called via ferrata, which is nothing more than an aerial hike. Another way to climb cliffs with ramps, walkways and ladders attached to the walls to advance. Finally, cycling is a good way to spend a pleasant vacation in the mountains for enthusiasts.

Water activities

There is a wide range of water activities that can be practiced in the mountains that are worthy of those on the seaside. First, fishing is the most common and offers the chance to enjoy the surrounding nature. It is a great way to have a long moment of calm and serenity all to yourself. The lakes as well as the rivers, the fishing spots in the altitudes are full of trout, grayling and cristivomer. Then there is canyoning, which is a fun activity described as an aquatic hike. The goal is to swim down a canyon, doing slides and abseiling. Without forgetting, rafting which is also a descent of torrent or river, but on board an inflatable raft. Equipped with rafts, you have to pass the rapids while avoiding the rocks.

Other varied activities offering a lot of sensations

You don't have to wait for winter to enjoy the fun of sledding, as mountain sledding is a big crowd pleaser in summer. It is also called "Alpine Coaster" and is a source of excitement for children and adults alike. Golf can also be played in the mountains. In this exceptional setting, it will be possible to perfect your swing while admiring the mountain landscape. In case these different activities are not enough, there is the hunting of the Dahu, which is only possible in the mountains. It is an animal that has legs longer on one side than the other and therefore only moves in the mountains.
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