Tips for running faster and longer

Running fast and long is not easy. Many professional athletes and runners want to achieve this goal but many of them give up along the way. The work and effort required for this goal is not easy. But if some do, there is surely a suitable training method. It is true that there is no magic or formula, but perseverance and courage are required. For optimal results, you need to train effectively and progress over the long term. So what are the keys to running fast and long? What do you need to know to achieve this goal?

Beginner or professional: know how to determine your goal and adapt

Who can't run if you can walk? Running is not an impossible thing. In fact, as long as an individual has feet, is able to move and walk, he can certainly run. It is the frequency with which he runs that varies from one person to another. But in the term "running" it can be to make a short trip, a sprint, a long trip etc. ... To this end, the art of running must be determined according to the goal that the runner sets as in a running forum. But before launching into the conquest of the race, the runner must know to classify if he is a beginner or not. The methods to be adopted to reach the set goal depend on this category. It is certain that a beginner should not adopt the pace of a professional at the risk of injury or overexertion. Even if they are not like a magic wand, the keys to success to run well exist through the running forum.

The basis of progress: run slowly

It seems paradoxical that what we are looking for is to know how to run fast and over a long distance, while we explain that we must know how to run slowly. According to the running forum, controlling your body is important and each effort must be made gradually. Thus, running slowly allows you to master your endurance in order to train your body for a long run. Of course, before running, you need to dress properly and get comfortable. In addition to the running equipment, it is important not to neglect the nutrition. Once these conditions are met, it is important to start training without forgetting the warm-up. When it comes to warming up, stretching after each workout is not to be overlooked. The art of running is not about throwing all your energy into your feet. It's about taking care of your body, knowing how to communicate with your body and choosing the right time of day to run. For some, the ideal time might be in the morning at 5:00 am, for others it might be in the evening. The last but most important thing is to work on your breathing so that you don't get tired too early.

Working on motor power: training to run fast

Running fast, sprinting requires a lot of energy and speed. The golden rule to succeed in this branch is to know how to take care of your health with the tips of the running forum. Injuries, periostitis, malnutrition, dieting,... are sources of failure. In addition to training, regular but split sessions are important. Thus, the sessions must be neither missed nor missed in order to accustom the body to the efforts. Of course, even if it is a question of effort, this does not mean that the body should be forced suddenly, but rather that a correct progression plan should be established. Splitting up this motor power allows you to measure the speed at each run and improve it to go a little faster. In this objective to run fast, these exercises of musculation or fractions are the inevitable keys. Nevertheless, excesses are never recommended because they lead to fatigue and regression. The efforts made will then be in vain.

Build up your endurance to run for a long time

In addition to running fast, this other goal of running long requires a lot of endurance. If the stamina isn't there, the chance of getting there is minimal. But that doesn't mean it's impossible. A beginner does not become a professional in the blink of an eye. It is his perseverance to master the discipline that pushes him to get there. The same is true for achieving good endurance. The first thing to do besides the basic keys is to get the body used to running. This first formula is effective. You should then jog as much as possible. But that doesn't mean you have to run all the time. You just have to do it regularly and make sure that there is an alternation between training days. The body needs rest even if it needs to be trained. Secondly, increasing the training route is important. This journey must be set in advance and you must be motivated to achieve it. Thus, in addition to the physical strength, the mental must also be there. Finally, the motor power used in the search for speed must be split for more endurance.
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