Tips for finding your walking pace when hiking

Do you want to enjoy the beautiful mountain scenery and fresh air? Hiking is a leisure activity that allows you to discover nature. You can practice it in group, with family or friends. Hiking in the mountains is one of the most popular tourist activities that require a lot of technique and motivation.

Tips for walking in the mountains

There are many tips to suggest when you want to practice a hike. The best advice is to practice a physical activity regularly as a training, but if you are not a big fan of sports, you can always go hiking using other walking techniques. It is therefore necessary to train. Finding your pace is also more important even if it is not as easy as you think. For example, if you feel tired, you should reduce your pace to a slower one than before. During your effort, you should always take water because it reduces muscle aches in your body before, during or after your hikes. So hydrating your body is more important to not feel worse. Always finish with stretching, at the end of each day you need to stretch so that you have more strength the next day.

How do you set your walking pace?

The pace of walking depends on the individual. But this is all you need to know to establish your walking pace: the right pace, when we talk about hiking, we are not talking about the same walk you do every day. There are several guidelines to follow when hiking, such as walking technique, keeping your knees well bent and avoiding the big step so you don't get tired faster. Hiking poles are available, these poles can help you synchronize your leg and arm movement. These poles can help you avoid falls by absorbing shocks. The type of ground is also very important for your walking rhythm. Finally, you should also avoid tar to establish your walking rhythm because tar heats up the soles of your feet and causes important shocks to your joints. You should therefore walk on the side of the road.

Estimate your average walking speed

Before planning a hike, the question that always comes up is your average walking speed. In short, it is only used to determine the duration of the walk. Generally, walking speed is not measured too much, because everyone has their own normal speed. The most important thing is to always keep your own pace so you don't stop. You must therefore study before your route to know when to leave and where you can sleep at night, it helps you not to fall somewhere in bivouac or you are always walking during the night. So, you have to study the type of terrain and its condition, this helps you to define your walk in general. The specificities are also necessary, because sometimes there are specific passages like the river. By thinking about all these criteria, you have a small estimate on the average speed of your walk

Learn to hike

Hiking can be learned, and the slightest lack of technique can ruin your trip. To hike in a good way you must follow the advice of experts. Before starting your hike, you need to go through a lot of preparation such as: the technique to keep the rhythm when climbing, the idea is the regularity; you need to keep your heart rate regular. This is valid even during your touring hike over several stays. During your walk, you should keep your pace while talking regularly with your partner, this means that you are always in good shape. If you like hiking in the mountains, you should always remember that everything that goes up should come down. Walking downhill is always tricky because it can cause trauma to your skeleton. Always breathe with your stomach. To avoid cramps and fatigue, breathing well is essential. When hiking, it is important to breathe with your mouth and belly. To learn how to breathe through your belly, put one hand on your chest and the other on your abdomen. In case of rubbing or when you feel pain, you should wash your feet immediately to avoid blisters. A pair of telescopic poles can also help relieve joint pain, strengthen your balance and lighten the load. Choose and lace your shoes well before hiking. You need to wear special shoes for trekking so that you feel comfortable. Finally, weight is the enemy of hikers, so you need to empty your pack. You have to wear it well so that it doesn't give you more load while you are walking.
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