5 good reasons to go to the mountains in summer

As a long time nature lover, you fully appreciate hiking in the mountains. You should know that many such activities are possible, for example, in some French countries. Discover some reasons to go to the mountains in summer.

The revelation of the heritage

The mountains represent an ideal destination to improve your culture. Going to the mountains in the summer allows you to discover historical sites, religious buildings such as oratories, chapels, churches and museums. Classical architecture and ancient villages are also admirable. You can also discover animals in the open air. Indeed, there is no need to pay the entrance fee to the zoological park in order to find the local fauna, just walk in the mountains, for free! Recognize the fauna of the mountain with the whole family: rabbits, wolves, foxes, birds of prey, deer, mouflons, gnu goats, wild goats, marmots, etc.

Cleaner air, rest and tranquility in the mountains

Going to the mountains in the summer gives you the opportunity to get away from the public population, which has many advantages: - You get away from both air pollution and traffic jams - You will pass the speed limits applicable during pollution peaks Once you arrive, you will be able to load your lungs with fresh air, which will refresh you and make you feel better. Now for the rest and tranquility in the mountains, you will escape the crowds especially on the seaside, which is always busy in the middle of summer and where it is strongly recommended to find a time to put your towel, etc. You will be supervised at all times, not only by your children, to make sure you don't lose them, but also by your luggage! Going to the mountains does not mean giving up swimming, you will discover pleasant lakes where you will have enough time to relax, cool down peacefully while loving a breathtaking setting without the hustle and bustle!

High comfort temperature

During the hottest season of the year, the first heat waves are felt, for example, in the south of France, and it is complicated to kiss even under parasols, etc. You will be able to enjoy a better day in the mountains where you will make the most of a much more cheerful climate, and depending on the altitude, you will be just as likely to experience the coolness early. Good to know: the temperature decreases by about 1°C every time you climb 150 m.
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