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Tips for running faster and longer

Running fast and long is not easy. Many professional athletes and runners want to achieve this goal but many of them give up along the way. The work and effort required for this goal is not easy. But if some…

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Tips for finding your walking pace when hiking

Do you want to enjoy the beautiful mountain scenery and fresh air? Hiking is a leisure activity that allows you to discover nature. You can practice it in group, with family or friends. Hiking in the mountains is one of…

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How to teach a child to ski?

It’s every ski parent’s dream to see their child hit the slopes with a big smile on their face. Children learn to ski much faster than adults, but when is the right time for them to start skiing? Choosing the…

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How to adjust ski bindings?

Finding the perfect pair of skis for your feet is relatively simple, but to ensure that the equipment doesn’t fall off during a run, adjustments are necessary. To ski with maximum safety, the skier will need to adjust ski bindings,…

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How to choose your alpine skis ?

Winter has not yet arrived and tourists who love winter sports have already chosen their destination to practice their favorite sport, skiing. In order to fully enjoy this type of leisure activity, it is very important to have the right…

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