How to choose your alpine skis ?

Winter has not yet arrived and tourists who love winter sports have already chosen their destination to practice their favorite sport, skiing. In order to fully enjoy this type of leisure activity, it is very important to have the right equipment. But, how could one know which one would be suitable or not?

Alpine skiing

It is the practice of sliding sport that combines, at the same time, the strong sensation with the pleasure of the eyes. Indeed, the vertiginous descent in ski provokes incredible sensations to those who are amateurs of it. In addition, the whiteness of the mountains and the surrounding areas offer such an idyllic spectacle. Skiing is done in a standing position. You ski down the slope with only long thin wooden boards and this, with a crazy speed. The risk of injury is quite common. This type of sport requires a good physical condition. The leg muscles must be strengthened to be able to withstand the long distances. Cross-country skiing is another option to downhill skiing.

Choice of equipment

Everyone agrees that to practice skiing, it is necessary to have a pair of skis for the feet and crutches for both hands. The crutches play an important role in the balance of a skier and serve as a pivot for orientation during turns. The skier's level and size would correspond to his ski boots and their bindings. Ski suits, gloves and goggles are required when talking about ski accessories. Younger skiers are advised to wear helmets. Various parameters such as type, radius, flexibility and length are to be taken into account when choosing your alpine skis. The level of the skier is also important when choosing a ski.

The type, radius, flexibility and length of a ski

It is necessary to ask yourself about the type of slope you like. There are several categories including freestyle, all-terrain, carving and freeride. The flexibility of the skis refers to its degree of stiffness during the trips. There are two kinds of flex, one in torsion and the other in flexion. Regarding the radius, it is good to know that the short radius is recommended for small turns while for those wider, it is better to opt for the longer radius. Finally, the length of the skis is defined by the size. As they stretch, they become more stable. The most malleable skis are the short ones and are strongly recommended for beginners. It is up to everyone to choose their alpine skis.
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